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Girish M. Duvvuri

Postdoctoral Scholar in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Vanderbilt University


Redoing DEMs for LIEUVS I

less than 1 minute read


Redoing DEMs for the LIEUVS I paper because I caught a typo in the resampling of X-ray contribution functions. Now that I have a better understanding of why some targets have had poorer than typical performance in the X-ray I am no longer settling for the systematic uncertainty parameter being close to unity. This has meant more reruns per star that I am redoing and more time working on the old desktop. Flare project is on hold until I get these out of the way, but I am going to start flare-excision for the LIEUVS stars that need it. Booked travel and lodging for Winter AAS now that the schedule is out and shows that there are sessions I should attend on the last day. Need to draft job ad for undergrads in time to go out during the first week of the next semester.

Next steps for Flare Characterization paper

3 minute read


This week I am trying to fit the DEM for a star that has been requested by a collaboration I am part of, but also trying to get over an inertial hurdle I am facing with the flare characterization paper. I had a conversation about this flare paper with Ward Howard when I visited Boulder last week where I was advised to expand the scope of the demonstration sample of flares to three; including Parke Loyd’s HAZMAT FUV flare. The step I have been stuck on is making the list of emission lines that will get plotted and looking through all the moment-analog timersies data for each line in each flare. Having a third flare should hopefully force me to write a proper plotting comparison function instead of me just plotting individual lines in isolation based on my whims.